A short write up by our student intern Tan Wei Jack on his visit to Kuala Selangor recently.

As the climate crisis worsens, the topic of freshwater conservation is becoming increasingly relevant. To raise awareness, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) organized the Water […]

Live Forum – Impacts of climate change on coastal sustainability


RSPO Public Consultation Announcement for DAP Version 2

  With the adoption of the revised RSPO Principles and Criteria (P&C) in November 2018, companies with existing cultivation on peatland are required to undertake […]

Climate Adaptation Summit

More than 30 world leaders, 50 ministers, 50 international organisations, experts and other stakeholders gathered at the virtual Climate Adaptation Summit 2021, hosted by the Netherlands at the end of January. […]


Building with Nature book ‘Building with Nature: Creating, Implementing and Upscaling Nature-Based Solutions’

This book makes the urgent and compelling case for scaling up the Building with Nature approach to adapt to and mitigate climate change. It contains […]


Calling for Volunteers – Capacity Building and Empowerment of Orang Asli (OA) Gombak in Transforming the Illegal Dumping Site for Sustainable Community Use

Wetlands International and our partner, Jungle School Gombak Malaysia are helping the Orang Asli (OA) community at Kampung Batu 12 and Kampung Batu 16 to […]


Presentation of the ‘Accelerating Adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia’ initiative at the Climate Adaptation Summit from January 25-26

Side event: ‘Accelerating adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia’ Organisers: Wetlands International in collaboration with the Indonesian ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, EcoShape, […]


Stop North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest conversion

Wetlands International would like to express our deep concern about the proposal by Selangor State Agriculture Development Corporation (PKPS) plantations to convert a 971ha area […]


Act now to build back the bond between people and nature

Today we may survive by ‘breaking the chain’ of infection of COVID-19, but our future will be defined by our ability to build back a […]


How to submit your Luc Hoffmann Medal nomination in 4 simple steps

So, you know a Wetland Champion who has shown outstanding leadership in wetland science, conservation or awareness raising? And you’d like to nominate them for […]