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Wetlands and why they matter

Who are we?

Wetlands International is a global not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation and restoration of wetlands. Our vision is a world where wetlands are treasured and nurtured for their beauty, the life they support and the resources they provide.

A list of case studies

  • Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve Peat Fish Survey

    Peat swamp forests are nature’s treasure trove. Despite their harsh living conditions, a wide variety of endemic plants and animals are to be found in these environments. Among the many fauna species found in peat swamp forests, the most vulnerable of it all is probably the peat fish. There have been very few fish surveys […]

  • Waterbird Population Estimates Database

    The Waterbird Population Estimates (WPE) online database provides current and historic estimates, trends and 1% thresholds for over 800 waterbird species and 2300 biogeographic populations worldwide. This project has been developed by Wetlands International with the support of Environment Canada and the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands.

  • Restoration of coastal hydrology at Tanjung Piai, Malaysia

    Wetlands International Project looked into the problems with erosion in Tanjung Piai which was designated as a Ramsar site in 2003. The coastal mangroves are an important landmark of Malaysia: the most southern tip of the Asian Continent.