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Privacy Policy Wetlands International is committed to protecting your privacy and using technology that gives you an effective and safe online experience. This Statement of […]


Constructed wetlands

Constructed wetlands are man-made systems designed and engineered to emulate the functions and values of natural wetlands.


International Waterbird Census

How do you know if a wetland is healthy? How do you know if a wetland is under threat? And how do you take appropriate action to avert that threat? Monitoring - long-term, repeated data collection - is the foundation for managing and understanding wetlands and the lives they support. We coordinate one of the largest and longest running monitoring programmes in the world, the International Waterbird Census.


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We have a team of 5 people. Our global office is based in the Netherlands. All of our offices contribute to develop and implement our global Strategy and work to achieve its global targets. This is our team in the Malaysia and Brunei office....Read more

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Associate Experts

Our Associate Experts bring specific knowledge and skills to our work in the field. They do this on a voluntary or freelance basis. We formalise our joint commitment with each Associate Expert through a Memorandum of Cooperation and a tailor-made Agreement.