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Royal Selangor Golf Club Constructed Wetlands

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Case study
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The Royal Selangor Golf Club (RSGC) is a large area of greenery in the middle of an urban environment. The total area is about 122 ha, out of which 5.3 ha. is designated as the wildlife and bird sanctuary. Although the area is a well managed and manicured environment whose primary aim is to provide the RSGC members with a challenging and beautiful golf course, it does retain numerous lakes and some rough habitat patches. With the manicuring of grasslands for greens and fairways and the clearance of virtually all fringing wetland vegetation around the existing lakes, levels of biodiversity are considerably lower than if natural forest patches remained. However, a wide range of common species of bird, amphibian and insect are attracted to the area.

RSGC understands the importance of maintaining the 5.3 ha of the designated wildlife and bird sanctuary. Thus, RSGC has engaged Wetlands International to carry out a series of baseline surveys on plants and wildlife in the area and to work with the golf course on a project looking into the habitat and biodiversity enhancement of the area.

It is the intention of RSGC to enhance the biological diversity in this area as a wildlife and bird sanctuary with the following objectives:

  • To create a new habitat for birds to attract birds, of various species in a forest canopy to include forest birds, waterbirds and raptors.
  • To transplant local indigenous plant species in the designated area to include wetland plants, shrubs, creepers and swamp tree species to provide shelter and food sources for birds.