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Brunei Shell Biodiversity Action Project – External Stakeholder Engagement workshop

Published on:
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Peatland conservation and restoration
  • Sustainable land use

An External Stakeholder Engagement was held in Brunei on 17/10/2012 provide information to the various stakeholders who will be involved in someway in the development process of the Brunei Shell Biodiversity Action Project and to gain their support, contribution and commitment towards this project.

Brunei Shell and Wetlands International Malaysia will be working together on Biodiversity Action Plan Project but it is also important to recognise the contribution of  the various Stakeholders that would be involved as they play an important role in the progress and development and success of the project.   The aim of the External Stakeholder workshop was to provide an insight on the Brunei Shell – Wetlands International Biodiversity Action Project to the Stakeholders and also to inform them about the support that would be required for the project.  They were also introduced to the Project team.