We are dedicated to the conservation of tropical peat swamp forest; addressing emissions, land subsidence, wild fires and flooding issues

Wetlands International strives to reverse the rapid loss of mangrove forests and promotes sustainable use of this invaluable ecosystem

Constructed wetlands can play an important role in water treatment and storage. At the same time, they also improve the quality of life for both people and wildlife

We work with government and communities to put in place proper management systems to ensure the sustainable and wise use of wetlands and to reduce disaster risk

We gather and share scientific and practical information that helps inform and influence wetland-related policies and practices


Our latest publications

Peat Destruction, Soil Subsidence and Flooding in South East Asia

Agricultural production in vast regions of South East Asia will be lost in the coming decades as a result of flooding of extensive lowland landscapes. The main drivers of peatland destruction are palm oil and pulp for paper plantations that require drainage.

Linting Wetlands

The Linting Wetlands publication is a guidebook to the biodiversity of this Wetlands.  The publication showcases the rich biodviersty of the area which is situated at the south-east corner of the state of Johor, Malaysia.


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