Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2nd February 2023

  Some interesting articles and videos on the importance of Wetlands and why it’s time to restore the wetlands. World Wetlands Day 2023  #GenerationRestoration #ForWetlands […]

Policy brief from the Global mangrove Alliance

The Global Mangrove Watch can be used to support Ramsar Contracting Parties, in particular those lacking their own national mangrove monitoring system, through data on […]

Virtual Training Series from SGP Malaysia: The Basics of Bookkeeping Series 05 (updated 30th May 2022)

It’s good to have some bookkeeping knowledge as it will help you to monitor your income and expenses and measure the performance of a project […]


GEF SGP Capacity Building – First training session

Pada 10hb November 2021, Wetlands International telah mengadakan satu sesi asas “Cara Menggunakan Aplikasi Zoom” untuk penerima geran SGP. Program ini adalah asas pengenalan dan […]


Recorded Webinar – Introduction to the practice of recycling and upcycling

The webinar, held on 18th and 19th of September 2021, is to raise the awareness of the Orang Asli students from SMK Sungai Pusu about […]


Calling for Volunteers – Capacity Building and Empowerment of Orang Asli (OA) Gombak in Transforming the Illegal Dumping Site for Sustainable Community Use

Wetlands International and our partner, Jungle School Gombak Malaysia are helping the Orang Asli (OA) community at Kampung Batu 12 and Kampung Batu 16 to […]


Presentation of the ‘Accelerating Adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia’ initiative at the Climate Adaptation Summit from January 25-26

Side event: ‘Accelerating adaptation through Building with Nature in Asia’ Organisers: Wetlands International in collaboration with the Indonesian ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, EcoShape, […]


How to submit your Luc Hoffmann Medal nomination in 4 simple steps

So, you know a Wetland Champion who has shown outstanding leadership in wetland science, conservation or awareness raising? And you’d like to nominate them for […]