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H2O Hunt 2014



The H2O Hunt was held on 13th April 2014.  It was organised by  Malaysian Environmental NGos (Mengo) in conjunction with Earth month at Publika from 29/3 - 22/4/2014.  The idea behind the hunt is to conserve water.  For the event, participating groups were given a bottle of water and a set of questions.  If they made a mistake, as penalty 1 cup of water would be deducted from them.  Wetlands International, Malaysia was among the checkpoints for the event.  Our checkpoint had 5 pictures of wetlands including degraded ones with description tags.  Participants had to match the pictures with the descriptions.  The event was flagged off at 8am.  Participants (about 4 in a group) were given a short briefing note to read first. After that the groups were given 5 minutes to get the right answers.  It was fun watching the participants running around trying to figure out which description matched the pictures. Some never heard about the wetlands and asked us for clues while others used their ipads and other gadgets to figure out the answers.  The children were adorable; working with their parents to solve the puzzle.  

While the aim of any competitive event is always to win prizes, we hope that by taking part in the H2O Hunt 2014, participants are more aware now about the importance of conserving water.

Check out our facebook page for some pictures on the event.



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