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Aspirations for the year 2014


 Staff members of Wetlands International, Malaysia shares their hopes and aspirations for year 2014.

We are into the third week of January 2014 and we thought, rather than the usual technical write up, we decided to do something different by sharing with you our aspirations for the year 2014.

Shin (Senior Technical Officer and Acting Head of Office) - wants to have a fun year by having more field activities. She also wishes to bring the organization to greater heights by exploring new possibilities in terms of wetlands management.
Flora (Administration Officer) - hopes  that  we will be able to recruit more good people for the office (especially men - to balance out the gender ratio) and to work together with the government and private sectors regarding major environmental issues (eg. peatland conversion) without creating any animosity. 
Khadijah (Finance Officer) - hopes that Wetlands International will have more projects in the upcoming year. Hopefully with more projects we will be able to request for a bonus (really wishful thinking – will never happen in a non-for-profit organization). :p
Denise (Technical Officer) -  I hope that we will be able to reach more people with our work and work towards stronger environmental management and protection. Of course, more field work and the opportunity to explore new areas is always a bonus!
Anyway, these are our humble but sincere hopes for year 2014. Whatever your resolutions may be for the year, we wish you, dear readers, the very best and hope that you’ll achieve what you have set out to do.  
Write up done by: Ms Denise Cheah

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