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Mengo Green Hunt 2013


 The MENGO (Malaysian Environmental NGOs) Green Hunt took place on 27th October 2013.   It is an annual event held to raise funds and also a fun way to educate people on the importance of conserving the environment. 



The MENGO Green Hunt is an annual fundraising event, which takes the form of a treasure hunt in the city, using only public transportation. Participants in groups of four (4) sign up as a team and explore the concrete jungles of KL City (map) solving clues and puzzles with an environment theme. The Green Hunt started in 2009 and has been an annual flagship fundraising and public engagement event for MENGO.
This year MENGO Green Hunt is solely prepared by MENGO members and this is a compilation of walk and hunt, LRT (Light Rapid Transit) hunt, Photo Hunt and Challenge Race. 
MENGO Green Hunt will be held from 6:30 am to 2:00 pm on October 27th 2013 (Sunday) in conjunction with the Malaysian National Environmental Week. The mapped route for the treasure hunt covers a length of at least five (5) kilometers.
This year, the MENGO Green Hunt 2013 aims to attract 200 teams from the public, corporate organizations, government agencies and more.
Currently the following are partners and sponsors of the MENGO Green Hunt 2013:




To promote low ecological footprint lifestyle to public especially youths and communities.
This hunt is focused mainly on sustainable transportation or mobility with a zero waste production. The hunt will consist of categories that utilize public transport by rail (LRT and Monorail), foot, bicycle and/or by bus.
All materials that will be used for the hunt will be on recycled/-reused materials, consumables with minimum packaging, reducing use of water and plastics in order to minimize waste generation.
The participants to the Hunt will have a fulfilling experience, which stimulates them to care for Mother Earth and the conservation of precious natural resources that are fast depleting.
This is a fund raising activity for MENGO.
Wetland International, Malaysia participated in the event by manning a game station.  Participants were quizzed about general facts of peat forest, importance of peat forest and impacts of deforestation.




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