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The International Conference on Wetland Forests, Brunei (22-23 March 2012)


Forest biodiversity – Towards a Green Economy

Wetlands International co-hosted an international conference to promote sustainable management of Brunei’s peat forests and mangrove forests on 22-23 March at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. The event was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources of Brunei Darussalam through the Forestry Department and was organised in conjunction with this year’sWorld Forestry Day celebrations on 21 March 2012. 


Date: 22-23 March 2012

Location: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Venue: The Rizqun International Hotel


The objectives of this conference are:

  • To promote sustainable management of wetland forests especially peat swamp and mangrove forests.
  • To explore the economic potential of wetland forests through their wise use that contributes to the development of green economic activities.
  • To facilitate information sharing (including for a database on wetland forests best practice) and networking among the participants, agencies and institutions.
  • To encourage active involvement of relevant stakeholders as to formulate the integral and holistic approach of managing the remaining global wetland forests.


About peatswamp and mangrove forests in Brunei

Brunei is richly endowed with mangrove and peat swamp forests, which are among the high biodiversity habitats in the world. The peat swamp forests are the best remaining examples of this habitat left in South-east Asia and provide valuable water supply functions for the human population and industry.


Their interesting biological features offer potential for tourism development. They are recognized as important carbon stores, and their conservation and rehabilitation can contribute significantly to climate change mitigation and provide new business opportunities in the emerging carbon sector.



14 papers presented, divided into 3 Plenary Sessions: 
Plenary Session 1:    Roles and Values of Wetland Forest in Relation to the Global Agenda
Plenary Session 2:    Opportunities in Conserving Wetland Forest Values.
Plenary Session 3:    Strengthening Network and Collaboration – R&D Opportunities
Speakers: representatives from Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. Download the Programme for an overview of all speakers. 



Further reading about peatlands and mangroves:

For more information:

Contact: Lee Shin ShinWetlands International in Malaysia.


Video clip on Brunei International Conference



Paper presentations:

Plenary Session #1:

Paper 1: Claudia Fenerol - Ramsar

Paper 2:  Mahmud Hj Yussof - Deputy Director of Forestry, Brunei

Paper 3:  Dr Shamsudin Ibrahim, Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Paper 4:  Mr Marcel Silvius, Wetlands International

Plenary Session #2:

Paper 5:  Dr Susan E. Page

Paper 6:  Mr Stephen Rumsey - Paper not available

Paper 7:  Dr Jurgenne Primavera, the Philippines

Paper 8:  Mr Iwan Tri Cahyo Wibisono

Paper 9:  Dr Aljosja Hooijer, Deltares

Plenary Session #3:

Paper 10:  Mr Niels Wielaard, SarVision - Paper not available

Paper 11:  Dr Charles Harvey, SMART

Paper 12:  Mr Faizal Parish, Global Environment Centre

Paper 13: Dr Hjh Dulima Jali, University Brunei Darulssalam

Paper 14: Dr Jonathan Davies






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