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Wetlands of International Importance in Russia / Водно-болотные угодья России, имеющие международное значение

 This book contains basic information on the 35 wetland sites designated by the Government of the Russian Federation for the List of Wetlands of International Importance under the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971).

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Трансграничные водно-болотные угодья России и Украины в долинах рек Десна и Снов / Под ред. Ю.П. Федотова. – Брянск, 2010. 84с. (Transboundary Russian-Ukrainian Wetlands in the Desna and Snov River Valleys. 2010. Yu.P.Fedotov, ed. - Bryansk. 84 pp.)

The book addresses the issues of transboundary wetland conservation and migrating water bird studies in the Desna River floodplains. The book contains the description of physical features of the border areas between the Bryansk (Russia) and the Sumy and Chernigiv (Ukraine) Regions; major wetland types, rare and endangered species occurred in this transboundary region; and existing and proposed protected nature areas. Information on the most important wetland sites is presented in the Ramsar Convention format. Results of waterbird counting activities carried out in 2004 and 2010 are discussed in four articles.







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Conservation of Transboundary Belarusian-Russian and Russian-Ukrainian Wetlands

 This CD-ROM represents the results of activities carried out under the Wetlands International’s Project on Development of a programme for transboundary wetland conservation along the border of the Russian Federation with Belarus and Ukraine and contains an overview of the current status of wetlands located in the border areas of the Pskov, Smolensk, and Bryansk Regions of Russia, the Vitebsk, Mogilev, and Gomel Regions of Belarus, and the Chernigov and Sumy Regions of Ukraine, as well as a draft programme for the conservation of wetlands in this transboundary region.

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Торговый путь купца Новинского / Merchant Novinsky’s Trade Route

Иллюстрированный буклет содержит описание нового туристического маршрута, который пройдет по территории российского национального парка «Себежский» и белорусского заказника «Освейский», связанных единой озерной системой. This illustrated booklet provides description of a new ecological route created in the Sebezhsky National Park of Russia and the Osveysky Nature Reserve of Belarus sharing a single lake system.


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Экскурсии на болото. Материалы в помощь учителям. (Excursions to Wetlands: Manual for Teachers.)

Книга содержит информацию о болотах: их свойствах, животном и растительном
мире, необходимых условиях для сохранения их функций. Приводятся примеры
экскурсий и даются материалы, которые могут быть использованы как на уроках
в школе, так и при проведении внеклассных занятий.



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Журавлиная родина. Заказник (Crane Homeland Nature Reserve)

Брошюра посвящена заказнику "Журавлиная родина", особо охраняемой природной территории на севере Московской области. Издана в рамках проекта по сохранению водно-болотных угодий Московского региона. This brochure (in Russian) addresses the Dubna Mire or Crane Homeland nature reserve in the Moscow region in Russia.



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Водно-болотные угодья Московской области: природные, экономические и историко-культурные аспекты (Wetlands in the Moscow Region: natural, economic, historical and cultural aspects)

Публикация подготовлена в рамках проекта "Содействие сохранению биоразнообразия водно-болотных угодий Московской области" по результатам работ по инвентаризации водно-болотных угодий региона и оценке их современного состояния.

This publication (in Russian) represents the results of wetland inventory and evaluation activities carried out under the Wetlands International’s Project on Promotion of wetland biodiversity conservation in the Moscow Region of the Russian Federation through the development of a Regional Strategy and Action Plan for Wetland Wise Use.

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International Experience in River Conservation

The publication contains facts and figures about water problems; descriptions of milestones in international water policy, highlighting the EU Water Framework Directive; the principles of public participation in Integrated River Basin Management; information about the activities of international and national rivers networks and partnerships, and much more.


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ROM Bulletin

The ‘ROM Bulletin’ is a brief publication produced immediately after the counts as a reference tool; it gives count areas, bird numbers and names of counters.





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